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Browse a stylish range of outdoor accessories at Belvisi, from designer chairs to outdoor floor lamps, make outside just as inviting as inside. Discover elegant and charming designs that will enhance and enliven your outdoor space, making it as stylish and unique as your interior.

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How To Use Mirrors In Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, every individual project will be different, and require a different perspective to achieve the expected outcomes. Sometimes a client may want a more intimate environment designed, with low-lighting and matt colours which absorb light, however, in a lot of cases, clients may want to give the illusion of additional…


Using Colours in Interior Design

In the realm of interior design, the usage of colours wields a profound influence and has the power to transform spaces, directly impacting the personality and mood of any room. Whether seeking a relaxing living space, a productive office environment, or a space which resonates sophistication and elegance, a strategic selection of harmonious colours will…


Interior Design Trends 2024

The close of 2023 brings an exciting new year of interior design trends. Stepping into 2024, we’ll embrace new concepts and styles that we expect to push the boundaries of contemporary interior design. Interior designers in the past years have had a lot more to focus on than just aesthetics alone, and the skilled Italian…