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Our ex-display furniture are products we have used to highlight the beautiful aesthetics of certain lines, as well as the excellent quality of our furniture to customers in our showroom.

These products are sold at a considerable discount, however, you’re still receiving the same designer furniture you expect, with no dips in quality.

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Why buy designer ex-display furniture?

Buying ex-display furniture can save you money, with no dips in quality. Many cheaper alternatives to properly constructed furniture lack in quality, however, with our contemporary ex-display furniture, you’re receiving the product you expect, for a fraction of the price.

There are several benefits to buying ex-display designer furniture, including the following:

Saving Money 

When you buy ex-display Italian furniture, you’re buying a high-quality designer product for a fraction of the original price. This is because we understand that our products have been used in a showroom environment, and as such, have been exposed to daily life. We strive to preserve the quality of our ex-display furniture so that our customers still receive an amazing deal.

Standard Configuration

We understand that sometimes too much choice is a bad thing. And as such, if you’re looking to make your first purchase, but you’re unsure about what materials/finishes to expect, previously configured ex-display furniture may be exactly what you’re looking for. As well as the cost savings, buying ex-display Italian furniture also removes the stress of configuring a product for your home.

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