Batistella Children's and Teenager Furniture

Founded in 1953 by Alfredo Battistella, this is a brand that exemplifies the best of design, quality, technology and service in the world of modern Italian furniture. With these values at their heart, this family business continues to provide the highest standard of contemporary furniture and pioneering design innovation to this day. With unwavering innovation and sustainable culture at the forefront of their furniture design, Battistella provides style and design suitable for any contemporary home.

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    Why choose Batistella Furniture?

    Batistella have a long history, dating back to 1953, and with that experience comes both a love and care of their craft. Batistella is a leading manufacturer of furniture systems, combining Nidi, Novamobili and Cinquanta3 into their prestigious roster.

    Through each brand, Batistella showcases its mastery of contemporary furniture design, from home systems, wardrobes, beds etc. via their Novamobili brand, to prestigious children’s and teenagers’ bedroom furniture via Nidi.

    Battistella Furniture UK

    We’re proud to offer Battistella furniture, as well as its prestigious brands. With a vast range of finishes, materials, colours, sizes and other configurations available, Battistella ensures that you can find the perfect furniture for your child or teenager.

    Children and Teenager’s bedroom interior design

    Need help finding the perfect Battistella furniture for your child or teenager’s bedroom? We offer a range of interior design services, from conceptualisation to realisation. Visit our interior design services page, or send us an enquiry for more information.

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