Interior Design Services Cambridge

Contemporary Italian Furniture

Our gorgeous range of modern furniture comes from an enduring love of our craft. We regularly study top designer brands, which develops our understanding of the artistry behind Italian furniture design. By standing ahead of the curve, our interior design services offer timeless pieces of furniture for every room in your house.

Interior Design & Project Co-ordination

With many years of experience, we have worked on many high-end modern and classic interior design projects across the UK. Our interior design services are tailored to meet your personality and lifestyle, covering all aspects so you don’t need to visit another company. During our planning process, we undertake a home visit to fully understand your space and ensure our plans work perfectly for you.

Our interior design services cater for all types of projects, including single rooms, city apartments and entire houses. Our team also work in business spaces, schools and offices, providing a designer touch that improves creativity.

Design & Build

Alongside the design process, we offer management and build services for our designs. Working closely with a team of preferred contractors and joiners enables us to undertake projects of all sizes, offering personalised services for each unique proposal. You’ll see a 3D plan of each room before you even make a purchase.

Using our knowledge and expertise, we assist you from the initial stages right through to completion. Regardless of whether you require a single room redesign or a full property renovation/extension, our skilled team ensure a relaxed experience with the highest level of finish.

Property Development & Interior Styling

We offer a specialist interior design service for new builds and property developments, in which we manage every stage from design to delivery and the installation of furniture and fittings. Whether it’s for an Airbnb, a private rental home, an investment property, or a specialised development, we can help your commercial or residential property stand out with stunning interiors.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

As two of the most important rooms in the home, we regularly work solely on clients’ kitchens and bathrooms.

Our kitchens combine functionality and style while providing you with a high-performance product. This is made possible because of our range of contemporary Italian furniture, which transforms your existing kitchen into a place where you can entertain, socialise and relax in a personalised, stylish setting.

The bathroom collections intend to complement any divergent style, whether you prefer timeless or contemporary. From sanitary ware to fittings, we ensure that every item is of the highest quality. executed with the same attention to detail that we demand from all our designs.