What Is Contemporary Design?

Contemporary design is often confusing, sparking curiosity about what is included in contemporary design. Today, we want to explore the term, and how its methods can be implemented into your home to create a much more aesthetic and functional experience.

Defining Contemporary Design

At its core, contemporary design is not bound to rigid rules which govern the end product. Contemporary design, instead, borrows elements from various styles, including modernism, minimalism, industrial and even traditional designs. All these themes blend seamlessly to create a final piece that is functionally appropriate and aesthetically pleasing. 

There are several techniques which stand out in contemporary design, each of which is explained in further detail below:


At the heart of contemporary design is simplicity; the use of clean lines, simple and complex shapes and minimal ornamentation is a staple of the art. Focusing heavily on functionality whilst reducing unnecessary noise creates an uncluttered aesthetic coupled with exceptional functionality.

Neutral Colour Palettes

The use of neutral colours is another stand-out aspect of contemporary interior design, focusing primarily on using emotion-inducing/enhancing palettes with primary colours, or muted natural textures to help further enforce the feeling of any room. 

Use of Natural Light

Many aspects of contemporary design use open-plan layouts, with lots of open space which takes advantage of natural light, and helps create a spacious and airy environment.

Combination of Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

One favoured technique in contemporary interior design is the merging of natural outdoor elements into an indoor environment. This allows for the matching of simplicity and neutral colours with the natural textures which come from plants, and other foliage.

Contemporary design also uses aspects to help bring both indoor and outdoor closer together, including the use of large windows, doors and outdoor living spaces, which seamlessly connect both environments.


Contemporary design is an exciting and versatile style that continually evolves to reflect the current trends, technologies and design principles available. Its roots in minimalism and the use of simplicity make it a fantastic choice for a modern aesthetic, and it will continue to be one of the most timeless styles available, especially when looking to evoke emotion in your home. 

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