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Italian coffee tables add character and a touch of class to any living room, however, there are many factors to consider before buying. Our Italian coffee tables come in a variety of configurations, from height considerations to several high-quality finishes and materials.

We have a wide range of contemporary and Italian coffee tables and side tables available from many prestigious designer brands.

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Choosing The Right Italian Coffee Table

Despite the functional storage and aesthetic benefits that a coffee table can bring to a room, there are considerations that should be made; choosing a modern coffee table that seamlessly integrates with the rest of your decor can be difficult, however, we’re here to help.

What to Consider When Buying An Italian Coffee Table

One consideration when buying a modern or contemporary coffee table is the placement of this in your chosen room. Will your coffee table be used functionally, taking advantage of the storage benefits, or are you looking for an attractive centerpiece to act as a conversation starter? 

If it’s the aesthetic brilliance you are looking to add to your room, it is important to understand the configurations available for our range of contemporary coffee tables, from shapes, heights, finishes & sizes. 

Coffee Table Shapes

Coffee tables typically come in the following popular shapes:

  • Circular (round)
  • Rectangle 
  • Square 

However, these are not the only options available, and many of our designer coffee tables come in irregular shapes to add uniquity to any room. 

Coffee Table Height

Height should be a big consideration when buying contemporary coffee tables, as the seating arrangement around the coffee table should dictate the required height. If the coffee table is too high compared to the seating, this may make the functional aspects of the coffee table much less convenient. 

Coffee Table Materials / Finishes

Our coffee tables come in a variety of materials and finishes, from metal and wood, accented with glass, stone or marble. Within our designer collections, we have a wide variety of materials/finishes available, from our designer metal and marble configurations to our Italian glass coffee tables

Choosing the right material for your Italian coffee table depends on several factors, these include; ease of cleaning, durability and resistance to scratches/dents/watermarks. 

Coffee Table Interior Design

Need help finding the perfect contemporary coffee table for your living space? We offer a range of interior design services, from conceptualisation to realisation. Visit our interior design services page, or send us an enquiry for more information.

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