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Creators of Luxurious Bespoke Kitchens

Why Belvisi Kitchens?

The kitchen is the heart of any Italian home and with modern kitchen furniture from Belvisi Furniture, yours can be too. We understand it’s not just a functional space, it’s about so much more than great food and gorgeous furniture. It’s a place for family and friends to bond, a constant anchor for your busy life. By combining this emotional depth with design excellence, we lay the foundations for a room that you and your loved ones will adore.

Our range of contemporary Italian furniture will transform your existing kitchen into a place where you can entertain, socialise and relax in a personalised, stylish setting.

1. Design and innovation

Design is the main factor when it comes to the development of our kitchens, which project a look based on strict attention to detail and constant research and innovation.
We make sure our kitchens are up to date with changing tastes and offer original solutions that can be personalised in all aspects.

We have selected our manufactures from Italy to ensure you are given the finest choice of styles and a top-quality kitchen that matches your plans for life and makes you proud to have chosen Belvisi Kitchen.

2. Blend of style, ergonomics and functionality

Our kitchens combine functionality and style while providing you with a high performance product.
Offering standard and deep drawers, base cabinets, wall and tall units in variety of highs and depths, which are fully customisable to help you achieve a space optimised for your wellbeing and convenience. We offer a range of solutions to suit all types of kitchen, assuring easy access to cabinets and units as well as to all cooking utensils, maximum storage capacity and easy cleaning.

3. Guaranteed quality

The quality of our kitchen systems starts from selecting the very best and most durable finishes for kitchen doors as well as units. All the materials used to produce the carcasses, door, drawers, worktops, backs and bases are subjected to rigorous testing to verify their strength and durability.

A partnership with leading brands for appliances, accessories, lighting and hinges ensure the excellence of every kitchen.

4. Design flexibility

We offer both modern and classic kitchens, including various models with wide range of finishes and colours, providing you with endless possible combinations.

There are also many ways to personalise your kitchen, from dimensions to finishes. Worktops and different opening systems are available too, as the mixing of different models creates a truly personal composition.
With certain kitchen models we can also furnish your living area. The appeal of the kitchen to be a part of the every day-to-day action has become so great; therefore, the average kitchen project has become so much more than simply upgrading old cabinetry. The kitchen, dining and living merge into multi- functional living space, which becomes a place for social gathering and offers scope for personal style preferences.With that in mind we can design a solution for your kitchen and living area.

5. Professional advice

We can guarantee professional advice on kitchen design, worktops and appliances ensuring your kitchen renovation is an exciting experience. We will provide you with a 3D representation of your chosen kitchen configuration, allowing you to see what your new kitchen will look like.