Contemporary Garden Room Interior Ideas

Garden rooms are a popular addition to any modern home; they create a versatile space which can be used all year round, but no more exciting than the gorgeous summer months. Contemporary garden rooms have gained popularity in past years, blurring the line between both indoor and outdoor living, whilst many used these as offices during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A properly designed garden room can act as an extension of your home, whilst providing the benefits of an outdoor space. Today, we explore ideas for creating your garden room to be a hub of relaxation or productivity.

Garden Room Ideas

Incorporate Natural Elements

Garden rooms connect to the outdoors in a way the modern home cannot; owing to their location, they can benefit from including natural elements in their interior design, such as stone, wood, or flowers/foliage.  

Using natural wood can help add warmth to a room, creating texture whilst not being overpowered when used on walls/floors. For a more rustic appearance, natural stone can be used; this will further enforce modernity, and when used to accentuate certain features, can be used to help guide your guest’s eyes through the room.

Maximize Natural Light

One of the many benefits of garden rooms comes from their exposure to natural light. Owing to many garden rooms featuring large windows, natural light is in abundance.  This is accommodated by unrestricted views of the garden area and can be further accentuated by using mirrors. View our recent blog about using mirrors in interior design.

Integrate Technology

Technology in modern interior design is crucial, from smart lighting to quality-of-life benefits such as auto heating/cooling. Integration of this technology in your garden room should be no different. To create a perfect ambience for those warm summer nights, consider utilizing colour-changing/ambient lighting. We also recommend the use of a sound system, to help create an ideal environment for both relaxing and entertaining.

Create a functional Space

Using your garden room as a dedicated space is important, whether this is an office, space or workout space. When designing your garden room, keep in mind the possibilities, and what the room will be utilized for. Each of these functions contributes heavily to the design principles which should be followed, for example:

  • Office space: usage of natural wood, foliage and natural light can help increase productivity.
  • Relaxation/entertaining: natural wood, ambient lighting and a sound system can help you and your guests relax, and create a harmonious environment.  

Contemporary Garden Room Furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your garden room depends on how the space will be used. To create a neutral environment for productivity, we always recommend furniture which allows light to continuously flow through the room. For example, if using the room as an office space, using an open-backed desk such as the Novamobili Isola can help keep the space open.

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