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Choosing the right wardrobe for your bedroom or dressing room space is one of the most important factors in both the comfort and function of a room.

Regardless of if you are looking for freestanding contemporary wardrobes or contemporary fitted wardrobes, spatial considerations must be taken into account.

We have a variety of free-standing and fitted wardrobes available, suitable for any space, decor & bedroom/dressing room space. 

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    Contemporary fitted wardrobes or free-standing contemporary wardrobes?

    Both fitted and freestanding wardrobes have pros and cons; to better understand the advantages and disadvantages, it is important to understand the difference between the two types of wardrobes.

    Fitted Wardrobes

    Fitted wardrobes are normally made to measure and should be installed by a qualified professional. They made use of the entire space available and come with many configurations, such as sliding/hinged doors, extra shelving etc. Every millimetre of space is used to maximise storage capacity. 

    Free-Standing Wardrobes 

    Free-standing wardrobes are a self-containing storage solution which isn’t built into the existing structure. These wardrobes come with the benefit of mobility, meaning that if you want to re-arrange the room, you are not arranging furniture around a fixed-positon wardrobe.

    Choosing the right modern wardrobe

    Considering the differences above, it is important to determine which is the best for you. A good way to gauge this is space. If you only have a small space available and want to make the best use of it; fitted modern wardrobes offer the most benefits, as they are made to measure and make use of all of the available space.

    However, if you favour mobility, and often re-arrange furniture, a free-standing modern wardrobe may be more applicable. Choosing a free-standing modern wardrobe will allow you to rearrange the room freely.

    Wardrobe interior design

    Need help finding the perfect contemporary fitted or free-standing wardrobes for your bedroom or dressing room? We offer a range of interior design services, from conceptualisation to realisation. Visit our interior design services page, or send us an enquiry for more information.

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